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Black Christians in Jerusalem March to Honor MLK

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Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Legacy in Israel: Black Christians March in Jerusalem

The legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. continues to inspire people around the world, even 55 years after his tragic death. Recently, a group of passionate Black Christians marched down Martin Luther King Street in Jerusalem to honor his memory and fulfill his vision of connecting with the Holy Land.

Dr. King had a deep connection to Israel, referring to it as the “land from which our faith burst forth.” He believed in the transformative power of the country, calling it an “oasis of brotherhood and democracy.” Despite never being able to bring his followers to Israel due to unforeseen circumstances, his influence and message live on.

The march on Martin Luther King Street was organized by Covenant Daughters International Ministries and Joshua Giles Ministries, bringing together over 500 Black people to celebrate Israel and remember Dr. King. The event highlighted the historic bond between the Black and Jewish communities, forged during the Civil Rights Movement.

Bishop Glenn Plummer, of the Church of God in Christ denomination, emphasized the importance of King’s dream to bring African Americans to the Promised Land. The march symbolized a reconnection to Israel and a celebration of unity and brotherhood.

The Women of the Bible Tour, led by influential Christian women leaders, further strengthened the ties between the Black community and Israel. The trip aimed to empower female leaders and combat antisemitism through education and relationship-building.

Archbishop Ruth W. Smith, a co-host of the trip, emphasized the common struggles of the Jewish and African American communities against racism and antisemitism. She aims to debunk myths about Israel and promote understanding and cooperation between the two groups.

Overall, the march on Martin Luther King Street and the Women of the Bible Tour serve as powerful reminders of Dr. King’s vision of unity, peace, and justice. His legacy lives on in the hearts of those who continue to strive for a better world, just as he did during his lifetime.

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