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Longevity Forum 2019: Exploring the 150-Year Life on Longevity.Technology

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Leaders in the Longevity Sector Gather for Annual Forum, Discussing Potential for People to Live up to 150 Years

The Longevity Forum is an annual gathering of leaders in the Longevity sector, where influential figures from government, big pharma, top scientists, and influencers come together to discuss the future of Longevity. The mission of the Forum is to achieve longer, healthier, and more fulfilled lives for as many people as possible.

One of the key figures behind the Forum is Jim Mellon, Chairman of Juvenescence, who believes that people could soon be living up to 150 years. In a recent interview, Mellon emphasized the importance of educating and informing people about the fact that life expectancy is expected to rise to 110 to 120 within the next few decades. This shift will require fundamental changes in society, and the Longevity Forum aims to get this message across to influencers, politicians, and key decision-makers.

What sets the Longevity Forum apart is its unique focus on Longevity and its position as the first event of its kind in the world. The Forum brings together key scientists, social influencers, and politicians from around the world to discuss the opportunities for scientific progress in the field of Longevity. Mellon believes that small molecules and gene editing will play a crucial role in extending human lifespan, with the potential for the first person to live to 150 already among us.

In terms of economic opportunities, Mellon sees enormous potential for countries like the UK to capitalize on advancements in Longevity therapies. The UK is already a prominent center for Longevity research and the government has taken a proactive approach to supporting this sector. With countries like Oman also hosting Longevity forums, the message is clear that Longevity is not science fiction but a reality with significant economic potential.

The Longevity Forum is a hub of stimulating content and discussions, with contributors sharing insights on the future of Longevity. The idea of living to 120 years old may seem like science fiction, but with the technology available today, it could soon become a reality. Society will need to adapt to these changes, but the opportunities for longer, healthier lives are within reach.

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