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Supporting Cuba in the face of US-supported efforts to destabilize the country

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Solidarity with Cuba: End the Illegal Blockade Now!

The recent events in Cuba have once again brought to light the ongoing illegal and inhuman blockade that the country has been facing for decades. The Communist Party of Canada has denounced the US-backed destabilization efforts in Cuba and has extended its full solidarity to the Cuban people, government, and Communist Party in their fight against imperialism.

The blockade, which has been in place for over six decades, has created immense hardships for the Cuban people, leading to shortages of food, medicines, and power supply. Despite these challenges, Cuba has continued to resist imperialism and build socialism, setting a heroic example for the world.

The recent protests in Cuba, while initially sparked by legitimate grievances, were quickly hijacked by counterrevolutionary groups funded by the United States. These groups have called for “humanitarian intervention” and a “humanitarian corridor,” falsely claiming that the Cuban government is blocking aid. In reality, solidarity groups around the world have been mobilizing to send medical supplies to Cuba, but the blockade imposed by the US has made it difficult for these supplies to reach the country.

The pretext of “humanitarian intervention” has been used by the US and its allies to carry out regime change operations in several countries, leading to devastation and chaos. The blockade against Cuba, which has been condemned by the vast majority of countries in the United Nations, is a form of collective punishment and a war crime under international law.

Despite promises to reverse Trump’s policies, the Biden administration has not only maintained but tightened the blockade against Cuba. This has had devastating effects, particularly during the pandemic, when Cuba was prevented from receiving vital medical supplies. Despite these challenges, Cuba has developed effective vaccines, maintained low COVID fatality rates, and provided medical assistance to countries around the world.

It is imperative that all those concerned about the current crisis in Cuba stand united against the blockade and work towards its immediate end. The Canadian government must also pressure the US administration to normalize relations with Cuba and respect its sovereignty and independence.

The example of Cuba’s resilience in the face of aggression and hardship is a testament to the power of unity and struggle. It is time to end the illegal and inhuman blockade of Cuba and support the Cuban people in their fight for a better future. Solidarity with Cuba against US-backed destabilization attempts!

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